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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


no one checks the bloody blog anymore!!!!!!!!! why??? i feel like i'm in a bubble of no-knowing-what-you're-all-up-to. yes, it does exist.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Step Up

Step Up

So I slept in because my alarm didn't go off. My mom woke me up all disappointed and stuff and I drifted right back off. For a minute, maybe. She woke me up again, saying
'Kendra, when you sleep in you get to wake up and get going.'
'Sorry' I said. 'i kinda just fell asleep.'
She shook her head.
So i got up, went searching for a pair of pants, decided i didn't want to wear jeans just then and threw on a pair of sweats. Then I grabbed a blue shirt and pulled that over my head before reaching for my make up. I'd just grabbed my eyeliner when my I heard my mom again.
'You know Kendra, I can't take driving you, then talon, then the boys, all at five minute intervals -(me)I'll walk.- and never getting to the things I need to do. Step Up.'
I'd just like to point out that in this whole year, I have walked 8 out of 10 days, if not more. Talon is driven everyday. Kohl and Max are driven everyday. Talon is driven home most days. They come home and play, and do their jobs (badly) when reminded, then fight each other, unless they're not around each other.
I wake up, get ready in 10 minutes or less, walk to school (which takes 10 minutes and consists of classes i'm having issues with and a college course) without eating breakfast, come home, eat something, smile at my family, sit in my room (a synonym would be 'hide'), come out and do my job (this week its clean the bathroom), eat dinner, shower, then go back to my room.
So, other than avoiding excessive family contact, i really don't see the problem hear. I mean, i'm sorry i don't have one of those nifty internal alarm clocks that some people have, but my alarm didn't go off, and i didn't magically wake up. whoops.
I guess i need to step up.