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Thursday, January 27, 2011

this is the beginning of the story i started today :):):) part 1

They'd knocked me unconscious, handcuffed my hands behind my back, loaded me into a van and hauled me off into their super secret military base that I totally wasn't scoping out the day before. -Okay,maybe I was, but its not like I was going to blow the place up.- then they stuck me in this little dark room with this blue-haired guy in a captain's uniform who wouldn't stop with the questions.

Meeting of Andromeda
Here's my kitty cat... :)
I love what Kym has posted! Boy she can draw and GIRL she can write!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Faith Project - #4

Now Our Roads Lie Split

We've walked along
You and I
Upon this careful road
Hand in hand

We did good
We lifted each other
Then our road split
We didn't understand

So we stepped off
You and I
Hand in hand
An uncharted road

We did wrong
Tripped ourselves
With heavy hearts
We carried the load

Here we are
Now today
The burden there
We carry

Two roads
Not one
Lie before us
But we tarry

We've walked along
You and I
Upon this rugged path
Hand in hand

We learned
We hurt some
Now our roads lie split
We must understand

A sweet moment
With purpose
And truth
Our time together

Now's the time
My hand leaves yours
Our own roads
We must weather

- Kim Hurst
Picture/Poem  (01.23.11)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Faith Project - #3

Partake of the Living Waters

Now's the time,
I bow my head,
Lift my hand,
And take the bread.

It's been awhile,
My heart is full,
The sin is gone,
The pain is dull.

The living waters,
I partake now full,
The love of God,
It fills my soul.

The Atonement now,
He died for me,
His sacrament,
It's cleansing be.

Now's the time,
My head I bow,
Lift my hand,
I'm ready now.

- Kim Hurst
Picture/Poem (01.16.11)

Faith Project - #2

Right Beside Me
I walk along this Iron Rod,
Trying so hard to stay steadfast and true...

Little did I know that all along,
Right beside me,
Was you.

- Kim Hurst
Picture/Poem (12.20.10)

Faith Project - #1

The Stair Case
I stumble, I fall,
A stair, a flight, them all
My heart breaks,
Tears fall down my face
I tremble,
To the next step I crawl.

I struggle, I battle,
And then I fall again
It hurts me, it breaks me
To feel the burdens of sin

I stumble, I fall,
A stair, a flight, them all
The Lord's heart breaks,
Tears fall down His face
But then,
He lifts me above it all

Forgiveness, Healing,
The pain slips away
As we reach the top,
I walk with Him now,
He invites me to stay.

- Kim Hurst 
Picture (07.27.10)
Poem (01.02.11)

Faith Project

K, so I've been working like crazy to get my Personal Progress done in the next month and a half before I turn 18. I have to do my 10 hour project for Faith still though. The project I chose is to use visual arts in representing faith. Since drawing doesn't usually take 10 hours and I don't have time for a painting, I have chosen to do a series of drawings and write poems for each one.

I have three so far, and I would like to share them with you guys.