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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Faith Project - #4

Now Our Roads Lie Split

We've walked along
You and I
Upon this careful road
Hand in hand

We did good
We lifted each other
Then our road split
We didn't understand

So we stepped off
You and I
Hand in hand
An uncharted road

We did wrong
Tripped ourselves
With heavy hearts
We carried the load

Here we are
Now today
The burden there
We carry

Two roads
Not one
Lie before us
But we tarry

We've walked along
You and I
Upon this rugged path
Hand in hand

We learned
We hurt some
Now our roads lie split
We must understand

A sweet moment
With purpose
And truth
Our time together

Now's the time
My hand leaves yours
Our own roads
We must weather

- Kim Hurst
Picture/Poem  (01.23.11)

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