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Sunday, September 12, 2010


So, I just finished Mockingjay a day or so ago and would just like to put out there that I Loved the ending. It took me a little bit to come to that conclusion, but indeed I love it. The only reason why I can figure so many people didn't like the ending is because (ending give-away alert!) they wanted Gale to win, or they wanted Katniss to become president or something silly like that. Honestly, I don't think she could have ended it better. It was realistic, and everyone knowing my personality, it's pretty obvious that I would like that attribute. Haha :) I like that Katniss doesn't end 100% mentally sound. If any of us were put through all that she had to go through, I would love to meet the person who could come out of that truly sane. She didn't add fluff to the ending, she kept it true to the characters, situation, and story. All this said, yes, I loved the ending. :)

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