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Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Goodness

Dear Misfits,
What would i do without the idea of seeing you guys soon? I don't really know why i feel stretched thin but for so long i've been angry all the time. Angry, stressed, depressed (poet?!) I figured i could post and it might help. Here goes!

I'm coming down for conference tomorrow (sunday) cause my parents want to
watch it with us which, consequently, means i won't get a nap. Bugger. I'll text you guys if Jedi wants to hang, i don't know if he'll want to though. He can tell i'm more Cascade then Bekah now a days. Anyway, Jedi said priesthood was really good. Can i just say that i love when he feels the spirit. Not that he isn't a good guy, but most excommies don't really walk around with waves of spirituality flowing from their pinkies. Today he came home and told me everything i needed to hear. I hadn't even told him some of thing things (I.E. feeling like we can't get over what happened in idaho, that it'll never be the same, that i took down a spiritual giant.) He says that we were so in tune with the spirit before we fell so that when we fell, we'd want to come back. He says it's not supposed to be the same it's supposed to be better. That kid. How would i do without him?
We got in a car accident. Jedi was turning leff off and off ramp and the other guy didn't stop for the red light so we hit him. However, 4,600$ in damage on our end while he doesn't have insurance makes me super on end. One day i will learn to fly and i won't need cars. It doesn't look too bad, but something about a wheel well. Plus we have a nice car.
Thats kinda all i got right now. Today i tried to walk home from school and passed out from heat exhaustion. He literally had to drive around looking for me when he found me on the ground under a tree. I guess wearing black and walking five miles in the sun isn't the best idea i've ever had. Love you guys.

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