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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friends Forever

Dearest friends,
Three words. I. Hate. Midterms. THERE! i said it and admitted that stupid professors got my nerves caught on fire! But, now I'm burned out. Poor Jedi, he's getting the blunt of my frustrations. For instance, i had to write three essays within an hour. He was trying to help but in those situations i just need to be left alone because i think i know better.

So i guess i should tell you that i have a a promise "string." It works as a ring right? i know if you found out any other way you would kill me so here is me telling you. Congrats your the first I've told.
It is all so weird to me. It feels like i am living someone Else's life because in spite of all the stress i am quite happy. I know who i am and it's working out for me. Being self reliant never made much sense to me until i could actually apply it.
Anyway i hope you enjoy! i tried to follow Kim's orders!
p.s. Keni, i hope you are doing ok! i love you lots and i want you to know i am here for you!
Kim- oops! sorry! i texted you!!! Grrr dumb dumb bekah dumb dumb.

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