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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Dearest Confidants
So we went to the famous haunted mill on Friday. We'd been wanting to go for a while but never had the time because of our learning experience being continued in the home. Jedi told me as we waited in like that he wasn't scared of these places because he's seen real haunted houses in Wisconsin. With the great though of "oh, there's real ones out there!" in my mind we began the maze. Mostly they used the "jumping out of impossibly tight places" tactic which made me claw his poor hand, but the scariest part almost cost me my life and sanity... if i ever had sanity.
I can't look at strobe lights right? I get head aches and my mom said i might have seizure problems if I'm around them too long.Well, in the maze there was about six. I had started to get use to the idea of shutting my eyes and trusting him to lead me to safety when i hear "Don't look down ('yeah right! after you say that I'm automatically going to look! Ding Dong!') but there is a lip so hug the wall." Deciding to chance it i glance down and sure enough there was a two story drop one inch away from me. Slowly i shuffled with one hand in Jedi's and one on the wall when i feel the wall move. Swiftly it pushed me off my blind balance and i start to fall. Fall down the two stories of the Mill. Using my toes i hold myself and hang on to him for dear life, but it wasn't working. I was still falling no matter how hard i struggled. A scream escaped my mouth right as my rear hit the mirror.
Then he laughed at me! i thought that i was dying and he laughs! As i looked down i saw the reflection of the loft above. On the floor there happened to be a ledge in the middle of the floor where they conveniently placed the scene. It didn't matter that it was fake at this moment, however. Hysterics began to wet my tear ducts and my mind couldn't close the constant rushes of adrenaline it was causing. Of course i was super jumpy until he held me to calm me down while we waited in another strobe light. I'm never going to a haunted mill again.
While watching my favorite show "Pushing Daisies" i decided to draw in a coloring book Jedi's grandmother gave to me for Halloween! After a while i guess it looked so good because Jedi then joined in with me. His drawings are infamously better than mine, but i had fun.
I felt bad for the cat, so i made him a NINJA! Every cat should be a ninja.

So this was a collaborate picture. Guess who drew the red eyed Dracula with a purple cape? GUILTY!
Of course Jedi has to go and out do all of my art work by using shading! Man, he draws a great Dracula.

I attempted to shade but i ruined the pumpkin. I don't think i was really meant to draw within the lines. i am much better making up my own thing. Wow! i actually did learn something in high school!

I didn't understand the things under the pot was fire... so pretend it is a blue fire rather than a Christmas one.

I want that house. Oh, and check out the amazing shading on that glorious moon!

Missing my friends. How was your Halloween?

Love Bekah

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