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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Dearest Future Husband

My Dearest Future Husband

My dearest future husband there’s something I have to say

You see, I’m still in high school and I had a real bad day!

I don’t have many friends, and the ones I’ve got don’t like me,

I think they falsely stick around then stab my back to spite me.

My mom and I got in a fight about my college fund

She thinks I’m wasting too much time (like writing my husband!)

If only you were here right now, there’s so much I would say

Or maybe you’d just kiss my lips and tell me it’s okay.

I just can’t help but wonder- how things would be with you,

Maybe I’d never be alone or otherwise feel like pooh.

Just betting on how you’ll love me keeps me sane at night,

And knowing that you’re out there can make me see that light.

So now my future Husband I hope you’re still awake,

Maybe writing you right now was just a big mistake.

Until that blessed day comes know I’m forever yours,

But for now I guess I’ll do my homework and some chores.

I’ve never met you before but how I miss you so,

You could call me crazy (but that I think you know.)

Here is goodbye my beloved, until we finally meet,

I hope that you’ll be charming and sweep me off my feet.

For now, just know I always am thinking of you dear:

Same as I always do and I’ll wish that you were here.

Perhaps I’ll get some sleep now, since I’m not on my own.

And hope that you will do the same, sleep with me all alone.

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