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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Homesick At Last

Oh geez... I've been sitting on these blogs for hours today and all I can do is miss everybody. I can't describe how homesick I have been over the past month and a half. Here you all get mad when I don't post, but after today you may ask me to knock it off! Haha. Soooo... I'm going to update you on life here in good ole hot Arizona. I'm looking at my journal entries to try to figure out what all is worth saying so bear with me.

Um... Money sucks, just saying. Getting a job, training for four weeks to earn approximately $1500 just to quit after all of your hard work... Yup! That's us. But in our defense, U-Haul is absolutely Horrible, so don't blame us. So ya, we're working on the job hunt again and hoping money lasts us until the next job finally comes through. Hopefully it will come sooner than later. Debt doesn't help the stress but hey, what can you do.

What else? We live in a bedroom.. pretty sweet. It's not too bad except for when you start going crazy. Like when there has been nothing to do all day but eat, sleep, go to random sites online, mozzy around the house, sleep, eat some more, etc... You get to the point where screaming sounds Really good. I've actually found a good stress reliever though: I go outside (Yes, I go into the 110-115 degree weather), walk around to the side of the house where we park our car on the dirt driveway, and sit with my back against the back fence. There's a little shade there so if my legs are stretched out in front of me only 6 inches from my toes up my legs are getting hit by the sun. It's there I find my sanctuary. I don't even know why I like it there so much, but it is my safe haven. It's where I make all of my phone calls, it's where I go when I'm not getting along with everyone inside, and mostly, it's just peaceful. It's a good place to think, even when there's nothing to think about. Sometimes the horse even comes over and puts her head over the gate to say hi. She's very sweet.

Hmm.. So the Fourth of July was really nice. Beyond being Bekah's and America's birthdays, it was also Matt's and my one month anniversary. We found a free fireworks show in Phoenix and we did it the way my family used to when I was a little girl. We packed up our bags with blankets, games, and junk food (Watermelon too Of Course), and we picnicked out on the grass as we waited for the show to start. Once we got over the heat, it was so much fun. We talked about all sorts of things, things that mattered and things that didn't. The show was Beautiful too, absolutely wonderful. Just like how I remembered it from before I first moved to Utah. I hadn't even realized I missed it until that day.

A lot of my journal entries talk about my desire to move. Like I said before, I'm homesick. I wasn't honestly, last month. I was just fine as long as I wasn't talking to anybody. I managed to last all of June. But then, I talked to my mom. Suddenly I was calling her every single day. Then, I talked to Bekah, and my homesickness redoubled. As long as I wasn't thinking about it, I was fine, but hearing the voices of people I care most about.. it's almost unbearable. Not to mention..This is not my home. I can't say enough how grateful I am for my Grandma taking us in. I am So grateful, but I need my own home. A place I can come home to, look around and just feel happy, because it's my own place. I need to be able to vacuum my own carpet, wash my own dishes, sleep in my own room. I hope for soon.. January at the Very latest, I Promise. I can hardly wait to see you all again!

So we haven't met a whole lot of people here yet. The ward is very kind, but no lasting relationships yet. I don't think knowing that we are going to move soon helps. It's kind of hard to make friends with people you know you'll never see again after six or seven months. I mean, that's how my entire senior year was. I didn't make hardly Any new friends because I knew they'd be gone and I'd more than likely never see them again. Bekah, you just got lucky :) haha. In any case, so ya, no new friends, but I have had a lot of time with my family here. That has been nice. I'm so looking forward to this weekend. My mom and dad come in on Thursday night. Friday I get to spend time with them, then Saturday night my niece, Rebekah, is getting baptized, and on Sunday morning my newest nephew, Charles, is being blessed! A great weekend if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I think that pretty sums up the last month and a half as far as I can tell. I'll let ya know if I think of anything else. I love ya guys!

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